Art History of Games

All sessions will take place in ROOM IV.

Day 2

Curation and Games Panel, 11:45

Brin, Roberts and Sharp, Stern (mod)
Swalwell, Moving on from the Original: Game history, preservation and presentation;

Curating Diversity: the XYZ exhibition and giving space for alternative voices, 2:30pm

Artists Talks, 4:15pm

Eddo Stern, The Perversity of Games;
Nathalie Pozzi & Eric Zimmerman, Spaces of Possibility: What a game designer learned from an architect and what an architect learned from a game designer;
Westecott, Feminist Artgame Praxis

Day 3

Keynote, 10:15

Paolo Pedercini

Aesthetics, part 1, 11:45

Thomas and Sharp, The Fun, Taste & Games Manifesto;
Huber, Relational style: the aesthetics of multiplayer game design

Aesthetics, part 2, 2:30

Sicart, Overtures to the World: Videogames from ‘Pataphysics to Conceptual Art;
Rafinski and Zielke, Defragging the Magic Circle: From Experience Design to Reality Design

The Visual and Games, 4:15pm

Arsenault and Larochelle, From Euclidean space to Albertian gaze: The visual traditions of representation in video games;
Lockett, Movements of Hybrid Agency in Digital Games: revisiting and renewing art’s histories of perceptual disorientation

Day 4

Deconstructing the Commercial, 10:15

Apperley, Glitch tracking: Minecraft and the ‘new aesthetic’
Garda, Nostalgia in Game Design;
Aarseth and Backe, Ludic Zombies: An Examination of Zombieism in Games