Espen Aarseth

Espen Aarseth is principal researcher at the Center for Computer Games Research, IT University of Copenhagen. He has published research on digital power and democracy, SF and cyberpunk, digital media, digital literature, humanistic informatics, games and narrative, women and gaming,game ontology, games and crossmedia, game addiction, and mobile games. […]

Rachel Muehrer

Rachel Muehrer (Ph.D. ethnomusicology, York University; M.A. ethnomusicology, University of Maryland; B.A. Music Florida State University) is a Project Manager and Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. […]

Mia Consalvo

Mia Consalvo is Professor and Canada Research Chair in Game Studies and Design at Concordia University in Montreal. She is the author of Cheating: Gaining Advantage of Videogames, and is currently writing a book about Japan’s influence on the videogame industry and game culture. Mia has published her work in Critical Studies in Media Communication, […]

Samantha Allen

Samantha Allen is a fourth-year PhD student in the Department of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Emory University. In 2013, she received the John Money Fellowship for Scholars of Sexology from the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction at Indiana University. […]

Frans Mäyrä

Frans Mäyrä, PhD, is the Professor of Information Studies and Interactive Media, with specialization in digital culture and game studies in the University of Tampere, Finland. He is heading the University of Tampere Game Research Lab, and has taught and studied digital culture and games from the early 1990s. His research interests include game cultures, […]

Jennifer Jenson

Jennifer Jenson is Professor and Director of the Institute for Research on Learning Technologies at York University. Her research includes work on gender, technology, games and education through a post-colonial, post-structural feminist lens. She is the co-founder of the Canadian Game Studies Association (CGSA– http://www.gamestudies.ca) and the co-editor of the journal Loading, an open access […]

Katherine Cross

Katherine Cross is a PhD Candidate in the CUNY Graduate Centre’s Sociology programme. Among other things, she is a writer, an editor at The Border House blog for feminist gaming criticism, a board member at the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, an opera lover, and of course, a lifelong gamer. Her work has been published in […]

Mattie Brice

Mattie Brice is a play critic, designer, activist, and consultant. She focuses her writing on diversity initiatives in the video game community, often bringing in the perspective of marginalized voices to publications like Paste, Kotaku, The Border House, and Pop Matters. Mattie speaks at gaming related conferences like the Game Developers Conference and co-organizes the […]

Eric Zimmerman

Eric is a veteran game designer who co-founded and ran the award-winning NYC-based studio Gamelab for 10 years. He is also an Arts Professor at the NYU Game Center and has co-authored influential books on game design including Rules of Play. Recent work includes architectural game installations with Nathalie Pozzi, tabletop games Quantum and the […]

Janet Murray

Professor Janet H. Murray is an internationally recognized interactive designer, the former director of Georgia Tech’s Masters and PhD Program in Digital Media (2000-2010), and a member of Georgia Tech’s interdisciplinary GVU Center. She is the author of Hamlet on the Holodeck: The Future of Narrative in Cyberspace (Free Press, 1997; MIT Press 1998), which […]

Naomi Clark

Naomi Clark is a freelance game designer who’s been creating games for over two decades. She got her start designing early online games, including Sissyfight 2000, one of the first multiplayer games on the web. Since then she’s designed, written and produced games for many different platforms and audiences: web games for LEGO, casual downloadable […]

Margaret Robertson

Margaret Robertson is President of Hide&Seek’s New York office, building on the studio’s five year heritage of groundbreaking real-world and digital games. Her previous role as an independent consultant enabled her to work on a huge range of projects, from AAA console titles to indie and art-house projects. […]