Anna Weisling participated in the “Digital Art in a Post-Digital World”

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On May 7, 2016 Anna Weisling participated in the “Digital Art in a Post-Digital World” workshop at the 2016 Conference for Human-Computer Interaction (CHI) in San Jose, California. Designed to provoke discussions surrounding the research, design, and artistic practices within the field of Human-Computer Interaction, the event brought together practitioners from diverse areas of study and produced unique collaborations between individuals with both scientific and artistic backgrounds.

In the workshop, Anna addressed issues of technology and art, and the roles the computer might play within creative fields. Her presentation included an overview of previous work, concerned with issues of performance technology, audiovisual composition, and interaction design, but focused in particular on a project produced for the “Computer as an Expressive Medium” course at Georgia Tech, the rest is construction. This particular work, an interactive installation, explores the use of haptic interfaces as a way to bridge the physical-digital gap, prompting users to engage with the piece on a tangible level. The work was featured at the art.CHI Interactive Art Exhibition “Inter/Action: digital art that responds,” which ran for 6 weeks at Works Gallery in San Jose and featured a curated catalogue of interactive art from around the world.