Digital Media Alum Edward Zhang, M.S. 2019

Posted November 7, 2019

Edward Zhang (M.S. 2019) believes in the power of progress. As a recent graduate of the Digital Media program, he understands what it takes to work for the job you want while appreciating the process of self-growth: “As long as you’re in the [Digital Media] program, you’re making progress.” 

Zhang currently works as a Localization Editor for a major gaming and animation franchise. His responsibilities include ensuring the design and rules of  internationally shipped games are not lost in translation, while also verifying that the games meet the target market’s regulation and cultural standard. 

“I absolutely enjoy my work as it allows me to do what I love while providing an excellent work-life balance,” Zhang says. So far, he describes the transition from student to employee to have been “smooth and awesome.” 

“I applied [for my job] online in summer, interviewed in November, and started my job in January. I’m definitely a special case in terms of the transition because I was hired half-way through my second year,” he explains. “The program gave me the flexibility to finish my Master’s Project remotely, which was the final piece to complete my degree.”

Every work day, Zhang uses the game design and coding skills he picked up in his classes and project studios. As a student, he appreciated his professors for providing guidance and support while he learned first-hand how to put his ideas into practice. That’s why he chose Digital Media at Georgia Tech in the first place. 

“My undergrad degree is in Economics, and I eventually discovered that I didn’t want a career in Economics…” Zhang admits. “So I needed DM at GT to help me transition into the industry that I do enjoy which for me is video games.” The faculty is very accomplished and students have access to the newest VR/AR technologies.”

He cites the accomplished faculty as a factor that initially attracted him to this program as well as the access to the newest Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies. However, Zhang points out, it’s up to the student to utilize these resources for success. Playing with the technology, while that might sound fun, isn’t enough. He emphasizes that students should see each project as an opportunity for growth and feel proud to add them to their online portfolios. 

“The DM program provided me with several valuable portfolio pieces and an exceptional platform to connect with industry professionals,” Zhang continues. “For example, thanks to Dr. Janet Murray‘s connections and encouragement, I was invited to present a VR game my team made in her project studio at Facebook HQ during the very first Oculus Nextgen Symposium.” 

To learn more about Zhang’s work, visit his LinkedIn page. View his previous Digital Media projects on his portfolio. Applications for the Digital Media Graduate Program are accessible here, and information for prospective Master’s students can be found on our applicant page

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