Where are you from?

Originally I am from Bridgeport, Connecticut, but I grew up in Georgia.

What is your educational and/or professional background?

My undergraduate degree was in computer science. I also have a master’s in human computer interaction.

What activities are you involved with on campus?

Classes and research keep me pretty busy so am I not as active on campus in terms of extracurricular activities, but hopefully that will change next year as there as so many different groups/activities to be apart of!

Describe your interests in the digital media field.

I’m interested in an interdisciplinary approach to computing and technology from a humanistic perspective. The research I work on now with my advisor in his lab is focused on how technology can be used to support collective action through community and civic engagement.

What has been your favorite project you’ve worked on so far? Why?

Thus far I would have to say working with my advisor professor Ledantec on the Cycle Atlanta project has been my favorite. I like the project because it address political, social, and technical issues simultaneously. The project allows me to me to be creative and think critically in all 3 of these areas.

Why did you choose Digital Media at Georgia Tech?

I decided to pursue my phd in digital media because I wanted to gain another perspective to technology, computing, and society to compliment/augment my technical background.

What are your ambitions after finishing the Digital Media program?

Upon graduating, I would like to do industry research. I’m actually going to be at Google this summer doing a research internship which will hopefully translate into further opportunities after I graduate. Eventually, after being in the industry for a while, I would like to teach at the college level.

Why would you recommend the Digital Media program to others?

I think the major selling point for me is that the interdisciplinary work being done here fosters an environment where creativity thrives, which leads to some really interesting projects.