Updated 04/11/19 Most project studio courses require a permit, and you’re able to request one by
sending an email from your GT e-mail account to the teaching faculty member and be sure to include
your major, track (e.g., MC-HCI-LMC). It’s a good idea to add a summary of your interests on the topic
and or a link to your portfolio. After the faculty member has permitted you, please go here and submit
your request:http://bit.ly/GTDMpermitform Permits for non-LMC students will be processed during
Phase II registration after new student orientation. Also, once you are given the permit, you will need
to register for the course

Permit Request Form: http://bit.ly/GTDMpermitform


CourseFacultyMajor RestrictionPermit RequiredPrevious syllabusFaculty emailDescription
LMC 6317: Interactive FictionRittenhouse, B.NoEveryoneLMC 6317bcrittenhouse@gatech.eduInteractive Fiction
LMC 6650: Digital ExpressionNitsche, M.NoEveryoneLMC 6650michael.nitsche@gatech.eduDigital Expression
LMC 6650: Civic MediaParvin, N.NoEveryoneLMC 6650nassim@gatech.eduCivic Media - NP
LMC 6650: Civic MediaLoukissas, Y.NoEveryoneLMC 6650yanni.loukissas@lmc.gatech.eduCivic Media - YL
LMC 6325: Game Design and AnalysisBogost, I.NoNoneLMC 6325ibogost@gatech.eduGame Design and Analysis
LMC 6366: Global Science FictionYaszek, L.YesNoneLMC 6366lisa.yaszek@lmc.gatech.eduGlobal Science Fiction
LMC 6310: The Computer as an Expressive MediumD Bolter, JNoNoneLMC 6310jay.bolter@lmc.gatech.eduThe Computer as an Expressive Medium
LMC 6743: STS Core SeminarRosenberg, R.NoNone LMC 6743rosenberger@gatech.eduSTS Core Seminar
LMC 8803: Interactive Installation DesignMagerko, B.No Nonemagerko@gatech.eduInteractive Installation Design