This page provides a detailed list of Digital Media (DM) P.H.D dissertations over the years:

DissertationAuthorAdvisorYearCurrent Association
Imagined Fortresses: Video Games as LanguageTruesdell, ErinDr. Brian Magerko2023Assistant Teaching professor, English and Communications Department at Rutgers University
Imagined Fortresses: Video Games as LanguageStricklin, Claire StellaDr. Michael Nitsche2023Postdoctoral Associate, Yale School of Medicine
Imagined Fortresses: Video Games as LanguageFiorilli, Patrick OliverDr. Jay Bolter2022Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Radio/Television/Film at Northwestern University, Evanston
Design for Public LibrarianshipKozubaev, SandjarDr. Carl DiSalvo2022Design Research Lead, Mailchimp & Adjunct Faculty, Kennesaw State University - Department of Technical Communication and Interactive Design
Designing Women: Learning from Feminist Legacies and the Women-In-Games MovementSchoemann, SarahDr. Anne Sullivan & Dr. Ian Bogost2021Assistant Professor in Department of Computer Science at the College of Charleston
Beyond local and global: Unpacking the missing middle in environmental sensing cyberinfrastructuresNtabathia, Jude MwendaDr. Yanni Loukissas2021
Trust, Distance, and DesignCorbett, EricDr. Chris Le Dantec2020Smart Cities Postdoctoral Research Associate, NYU CUSP
All data are human: The human infrastructure of civic dataPeer, Firaz AhmedDr. Carl DiSalvo2020Assistant Professor of Information Communication Technology, University of Kentucky's School of Information Science
Risk and expression: Physical and material risk states in computational music practicesWeisling, AnnaDr. Brian Magerko2020Assistant Professor, Miami University College of Creative Arts
Sculpting Reality from Our Dreams: Prefigurative Design for Civic EngagementAsad, MariamDr. Chris Le Dantec2019
Interactive Non-fiction with Reality Media: Rhetorical AffordancesFisher, Joshua ADr. Jay Bolter2019Assistant Professor of Immersive Media, Department of Interactive Arts and Media at Columbia College Chicago
Cohousing IoT: Designing edge cases in the internet of thingsJenkins, ThomasDr. Carl DiSalvo2019Assistant Professor, Digital Design Department at IT University of Copenhagen
Embodied engagement with narrative: A design framework for presenting cultural heritage artifacts with digital mediaChu, Jean HoDr. Ali Mazalek2018Assistant Professor and Director of Experimental Media Group, Sogang University Art & Technology program
Digital ethics framework recommendations for social media archiving applicationsLucas, ChristinaDr. TyAnna Herrington2018UX Designer, Avanade
Storied Numbers: Enhancing Public Opinion Practices Through Digital Media AffordancesRobinson, SusanDr. Ali Mazalek2016Visiting Researcher (CDC), Georgia Institute of Technology
Spatial cognition based design of embodied interfaces for supporting spatial cognitionClifton, Paul GordonDr. Ali Mazalek2016
Storyscape, A New Medium of MediaBlumenthal, HankDr. Jay Bolter2016Assistant Professor in Visual Communication and Technology Education, Bowling Green State University
Digital Naturalism: Designing a Digital Media Framework to Support Ethological ExplorationQuitmeyer, AndyDr. Michael Nitsche2015Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore
The work of user experience design: materiality and cultures in designingLodato, ThomasDr. Carl DiSalvo2015Research Scientist - Center for Urban Innovation, Georgia Institute of Technology
The Dilution of Avant-Garde Subcultural Boundaries in Network SocietyJimison, DavidDr. Carl DiSalvo2015CTO, PSNGR1
Techno-vernacular creativity, innovation and learning in underrepresented ethnic communities of practiceGaskins, NettriceDr. Celia Pearce2014STEAM Education Lab Director, Boston Arts Academy
Interactive Installations as PerformanceNam, Hye YeonDr. Michael Nitsche2014Assistant Professor, Louisiana State University
Videogame Cities in Motion Schweizer, Bobby ThomasDr. Celia Pearce2014Assistant Professor, Texas Tech University
A New Dramaturgy for Digital Technology in Narrative Theater Rouse, Rebecca KaneDr. Jay Bolter2013Assistant Professor, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
DIY Infrastructure Lukens, Jonathan Sean-ChristopheDr. Carl DiSalvo2013Visiting Lecturer, University of Tennessee
Coded Visualization: The Rhetoric and Aesthetic of Date-based Cultural Interface Kim, TanyoungDr. Carl DiSalvo2013Senior Design Prototyper, Yahoo Inc.
A Third Space: Technological Art as Artistic Production and Technology Research and DevelopmentFantauzza, Jill MarieDr. Jay Bolter2013Manager and Developer & New Media Exhibit Development, Exploratorium
Designing Tangible Tabletop Interactions to Support the Fitting Process in Modeling Biological SystemsWu, Chih-SungDr. Ali Mazalek2012Natural User Interface Researcher, GE Global Research
Play with Data: An Exploration of Play Analytics and its Effect on Player Experience Medler, Benjamin AllenDr. Brian Magerko2012Director, Player Data Steward, Electronics Art
Haptic Cinema: An Art Practice on the Interactive Digital Media TabletopChenzira, AyokaDr. Janet Murray2011Division Chair for the Arts, Founding Director of Digital Moving Image Salon (DMIS), Spelman College
Play Beyond Flow: A Theory of Avant-Garde VideogamesSchrank, BrianDr. Jay Bolter2010Game Design R&D, Videogameo
Reframing Interactive Digital Narrative: Towards an Inclusive, Open-ended, Iterative Process for Research and PracticeKoenitz, Hartmut AndreasDr. Janet Murray2010Professor of Interactive Narrative Design, HKU (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht)
An Embodied Cognition Approach to Analysis and Design of Generative and Interactive Animation Chow, Ka NinDr. Douglass Harrell2010Associate Professor, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design
Ambivalent AnimalThomas, Geoffrey PiersDr. Jay Bolter2010
The Digital AbsurdHodges, Steven ScottDr. Eugene Thacker2010Project Director, Georgia Institute of Technology
The Tribulation of Adventure Games: Integrating Story into Simulation Through Performance Fernandez Vara, ClaraDr. Janet Murray2009Associate Arts Professor, NYU Game Center
Intentional Systems and the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Hermenuetic Network: Agency and Intentionality in Expressive Computational SystemsZhu, JichenDr. Douglass Harrell2009Assistant Professor, Drexel University
Embodying Comics: Reinventing Comics and Animation for a Digital Performance Samanci, OzgeDr. Ali Mazalek2009Assistant Professor, Northwestern University
The Screen as Boundary Object in the Realm of ImaginationLee, Hyun JeanDr. Ali Mazalek2009Associate Professor, Yonsei University