Digital Media students are provided with the opportunities and facilities to perform individual, original research as well as to work alongside faculty members in long-term projects. Our research areas map to the program’s focus areas, and sometimes overlap. In viewing our Projects and Labs areas, you will see a wide variety of research in the areas of Art & Technology, Civic Media, and Knowledge and Entertainment. Potential areas of focus include applications of augmented reality, video game research, digital performance, and media-based learning. You will also find projects in AI-based art, urban informations, digital activism and design cognition. The sky’s the limit.

								 Adam Lab

Expressive Machinery Lab

The lab explores intersection between cognition, creativity, and computation.
								 ETV Lab

Prototyping eNarratives Lab

The lab explores the future of narrative forms in the new digital medium.
Digital World and Image Group

Digital World and Image Group

Lab focuses on improved interactions between people with the help of digital media.
Design and Social Justice Studio

Design and Social Justice Studio

The lab examines the experiential and participatory dimensions of civic media.
								 Local Data Design Lab

The Local Data Design Lab

The lab explores design as a medium for critical reflection on the role of data.
								 								 Participatory Publics Lab

Participatory Publics Lab

The lab group of researchers concerned with community engagement and design.

Future Feelings Lab

The lab investigates ways of feeling and knowing with biodata and technology.

Four Four Beat Lab

This lab is a STEAM-inspired maker space and digital pedagogies incubator.

Story Craft Lab

The lab conducts research at the intersection of computational craft and narrative.
Augmented Environments Lab

Augmented Environments Lab

The lab focus is technology, design, interaction, and media when directly augmenting a user’s senses.
								 CEIL lab

Creating Ethics Infrastructures Lab

Creating cultural and organization environments to support designers’ ethical decision making.