This program is a combination of both a Bachelor of Science degree in Literature, Media, & Communication and a Master of Science degree in Digital Media.  The program will consist of 158 total hours of course work for these two degrees with 122 towards the LMC program and 36 hours towards the DM program.  During their fourth year, students will count six (6) hours of graduate work for both graduate and undergraduate credit that will be in Digital Media and will count towards two 4000 level LMC courses (6 hours) in their undergraduate degree. Fourth-year undergraduates will take the graduate courses on the same schedule as those entering the regular MS program, and in the second year of their curriculum would follow the usual MS curriculum.  During the summer term after their fourth year, students will participate in an approved internship program.   


Students who want to pursue the five-year BS/MS combination in LMC and DM must apply to the school of LMC after completing at least 75 hours of work towards the LMC degree.  Applicants should have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5.  This GPA must be maintained for the student to take graduate-level courses. Students must start the program in the Fall to be on track with other MS  students.   

LMC majors interested in the BSLMC/MSDM should pursue the Media & Design threads. Recommended coursework includes: 2400, 2410, 2700, 2720, 2730, 3402, 3705, 3710, 4720, 4725, 4730, and/or 4733. Additional coursework in CS, including a CS minor, is also recommended.  


The deadline to apply for the program is February 5th for Fall 2025 admission. If accepted, you will begin the fall of your fourth year.  


After a student completes 75 hours of work towards the LMC degree, they will need to provide 1) an application to the program, 2) a letter of recommendation from an LMC faculty member, and 3) a brief statement of purpose essay (1 page) describing their LMC experience and their goals for the MS program.  Application materials should be submitted through the application portal here: https://gradapp.gatech.edu/apply/ 


GRE requirements as well as the graduate application fee are waived for students participating in this program.  


If you have questions, please contact:
Amanda Blocker
Academic Advisor-LMC
Skiles 330
Email: amanda.blocker@lmc.gatech.edu
Erica Taylor
Assistant Director of Graduate Studies & Academic Program Manager, Digital Media
Technology Square Research Building
Email: etaylor85@gatech.edu