The James and Mary Wesley Center for New Media Education and Research

The James and Mary Wesley Center for New Media Education and Research promotes the practical, theoretical, and historical investigation of the application and development of new media technologies in the areas of education, design, digital art, and culture. The Wesley Center for New Media is interested in film, television, performance art and literary forms, all of which are now in a cultural dialogue with new digital media.


The GVU Center, located on the second floor of the Technology Square Research Building (TSRB) at 85 Fifth Street, Atlanta, GA 30308, is a cross-disciplinary center dedicated to the advancement of interaction between people, computing machines, and information by developing technologies that naturally reflect the abilities and behaviors of people.

The DM program is closely aligned with the GVU Center in its development of new digital media forms. All DM students are eligible to become members of the GVU, and thus have access to all of its facilities, labs, and resources. The GVU holds weekly brown-bag meetings to which DM students and faculty are invited. These meetings often include guest speakers or may focus on current projects at Georgia Tech.

Lab facilities at the GVU offer DM students access to high-end graphics and hypermedia platforms. Research interests of the faculty at GVU include projects on 3D computer graphics, data and program visualization, user interface software, medical informatics, and collaborative work, and human-computer interaction.

The Digital Integrative Liberal Arts Center

The Digital Integrative Liberal Arts Center(DILAC) located in Skiles 317 promotes new forms of humanistic inquiry through practices of design, asking how digital media making and other forms of applied digital scholarship can enable students and scholars to construct arguments, create artifacts, and prototype systems that address the complex challenges of twenty-first century life.


The Institute for People and Technology (IPaT) connects industry, government and nonprofit leaders with Georgia Tech’s world-class researchers and innovations to transform media, health, education and humanitarian systems. IPaT integrates academic and applied research through living laboratories and multidisciplinary projects to deliver real-world, revolutionary solutions that balance the needs of people with the possibilities of new technologies.