Our faculty are well-recognized in their fields of endeavor.

Brian Magerko, Ph.D.

Director of Graduate Studies

Michael Terrell

Assoc. Director of Graduate Studies

Ian Bogost, Ph.D.

Arts and Entertainment

Jay Bolter, Ph.D.

Arts and Entertainment

Rebecca Burnett, Ph.D.

Writing and Communication

Carl DiSalvo,Ph.D.

Civic Media

TyAnna Herrington, J.D., Ph.D.

Technical communication

Christopher Le Dantec, Ph.D.

Civic Media

Nassim JafariNaimi, Ph.D.

Civic Media

Yanni Loukissas, Ph.D.

Civic Media

Janet Murray, Ph.D.

Arts and Entertainment

Michael Nitsche, Ph.D.

Knowledge & Creativity