Several forms of financial aid are available to Digital Media M.S. students, most often in the form of assistantships and student loans. Contact the Office of Student Financial Planning and Services for more information on Financial Aid.




As a graduate assistant, an M.S. student generally works 13 hours a week (1/3 time) and earns a stipend of $1270 per month. Georgia Tech tuition for Graduate Assistants is waived; however, students are required to pay all Georgia Tech Mandatory Student Fees. More information about Mandatory Student Fees may be found at the Georgia Tech Office of The Bursar website. 

Students working as graduate assistants must register with the Georgia Tech Payroll department as university employees. Graduate assistants are paid once per month beginning with the month of employment.

The School of Literature, Media, and Communication (which houses the DM graduate program) offers a limited number of graduate research and teaching assistantships. Additional graduate assistantships may be available from other academic units or research centers.



Full-time Ph.D. students in good academic standing are provided funding in the form of a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) or Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) for up to four years. Occasionally, we have faculty that may have funding, and applicants can be considered for specific opportunities outside of the general financing the department guarantees. As a GTA/GRA, Ph.D. students work 20 hours a week and earn a stipend of $2500 per month. Georgia Tech tuition for GRAs & GTAs is waived; however, students are required to pay all Georgia Tech Mandatory Student Fees plus a $25.00 matriculation fee. More information about Mandatory Student Fees may be found at the Georgia Tech Office of The Bursar website. Additional information about Graduate Assistantships, fellowships, loans, and off-campus employment options is available on the Office of Graduate Studies site.



U.S. citizens and permanent residents wishing to apply for federal and state education loans should contact the Office of Student Financial Planning and Services to obtain the necessary forms. Graduate Students applying for loans must complete the loan application process by April 15 of the prior academic year.

Approved student loans will be dispersed to the Bursar’s Office each semester prior to the registration deadline. After payment of tuition and fee balances, any remaining loan amount will then be charged to the student.



Prospective students should consult the Bursar’s Office for current data on tuition and fees.



Who is eligible?

  • PhD or MS students in good standing in IAC. With the approval of faculty advisor or Director of Graduate Studies (DGS).
  • Digital Media graduate students are eligible to apply if they have a peer review paper or exhibition that is part of their work in the program accepted at a relevant venue. Travel to any DM related conferences is acceptable on a case by case basis .


What is funded?

  • Amounts are $500 for international, $300 for domestic (per availability of funds).
  • Matching funds (to School or Advisor’s research budget) for travel expenses and registration to give a paper at a domestic or international conference. Matching funds may be available through the Dean’s Office, please apply for IAC funds through the link below.
  • One trip per student per year.
  • Only one per faculty member per year


What is the due date for applications?

  • Rolling as long as funds are available, at the time of acceptance of the paper, and in advance of the trip.


Application Process

  • Students must send an email to their advisor for approval
  • Advisor submits to Program Director who will make a decision
  • Proposals are reviewed as received; 4-6 awards are given per year (or until funds run out)
  • Students must fill out online travel authority once award is approved
  • For matching funds: Online Application (accessible only from campus or VPN) is initiated by the Student, who supplies the email of the advisor or School administrator who will certify that funds are available at the School level to be matched by IAC.
  • If travel award is granted, student needs to submit a travel report (1 page) to the Program Director after travel is completed



As a recruitment tool, the DM program provides limited support for Digital Media students who are giving a talk (which does not need to include a published paper) at a peer institute and who include information about the program in their talk. The talk itself can be about their one work, but it should include 3-4 slides that represent the program as well as links to where the audience can find more information (you might get some sample slides from the DGS or the ADGS).


  • The student writes the DGS and ADGS where s/he wants to go and what program s/he will visit (1/2 page on what they will present and when; 1/2 page about the program they are visiting + a mini budget that indicates e.g. flight and possible accommodation costs)
  • the advisor sends a brief email that supports the application
  • The funds are not meant to cover the full travel costs but to be a startup fund for others to match (they will be around $ 250-300)

Funds will be provided to all three core themes of DM and efforts will be made to balance them.