This page provides a detailed list of Digital Media (DM) P.H.D dissertations over the years:

Name Dissertation Current Association
Blumenthal, Hank Storyscape, A New Medium of Media

2016 | Advisor- Dr. Jay Bolter

Lecturer, Georgia Institute of Technology
Quitmeyer, Andy Digital Naturalism: Designing a Digital Media Framework to Support Ethological Exploration

2015 | Advisor- Dr. Michael Nitsche

Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore
Robinson, Susan Storied Numbers: Enhancing Public Opinion Practices Through Digital Media Affordances

2015 | Advisor- Dr. Ali Mazalek

Visiting Researcher (CDC), Georgia Institute of Technology
Lodato, Thomas A treatise on the loop as a desired form: visual feedback and relational new media

2015 | Advisor- Dr. Carl DiSalvo

Research Scientist - Center for Urban Innovation, Georgia Institute of Technology
Jimison, David The Dilution of Avant-Garde Subcultural Boundaries in Network Society

2015 | Advisor- Dr. Carl DiSalvo

CTO, Passenger1
Gaskins, Nettrice Techno-vernacular creativity, innovation and learning in underrepresented ethnic communities of practice

2014 | Advisor- Dr. Celia Pearce

STEAM Education Lab Director, Boston Arts Academy
Nam, Hye Yeon Interactive Installations as Perfromance

2014 | Advisor- Dr. Michael Nitsche

Assistant Professor, Louisiana State University
Schweizer, Robert Thomas Videogame Cities in Motion

2014 | Advisor- Dr. Celia Pearce

Rouse, Rebecca Kane A New Dramaturgy for Digital Technology in Narrative Theater

2013 | Advisor- Dr. Jay Bolter

Assistant Professor, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Lukens, Jonathan Sean-Christophe DIY Infrastructure

2013 | Advisor- Dr. Carl DiSalvo

Visiting Lecturer, University of Tennessee
Kim, Tanyoung Coded Visualization: The Rhetoric and Aesthetic of Date- based Cultural Interface

2013 | Advisor- Dr. Carl DiSalvo

Senior Design Prototyper, Yahoo Inc.
Fantauzza, Jill Marie A Third Space: Technological Art as Artistic Production and Technology Research and Development

2013 | Advisor- Dr. Jay Bolter

Manager and Developer & New Media Exhibit Development, Exploratorium
Wu, Chih-Sung Designing Tangible Tabletop Interactions to Support the Fitting Process in Modeling Biologival Systems

2012 | Advisor- Dr. Ali Mazalek

Natural User Interface Researcher, GE Global Research
Medler, Benjamin Allen Play with Data: An Exploration of Play Analytics and its Effect on Player Experience

2012 | Advisor- Dr. Brian Magerko

Director, Player Data Steward, Electronics Art
Chenzira, Ayoka Haptic Cinema: An Art Practice on the Interactive Digital Media Tabletop

2011 | Advisor- Dr. Janet Murray

Division Chair for the Arts, Founding Director of Digital Moving Image Salon (DMIS), Spelman College
Schrank, Brian Play Beyond Flow: A Theory of Avant-Garde Videogames

2010 | Advisor- Dr. Jay Bolter

Game Design R&D, Videogameo
Koenitz, Hartmut Andreas Reframing Interactive Digital Narrative: Towards an Inclusive, Open-ended, Iterative Process for Research and Practice

2010 | Advisor- Dr. Janet Murray

Professor of Interactive Narrative Design, HKU (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht)
Chow, Ka Nin An Embodied Cognition Approach to Analysis and Design of Generative and Interactive Animation

2010 | Advisor- Dr. Douglass Harrell

Associate Professor, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design
Thomas, Geoffrey Piers Ambivalen Animal

2010 | Advisor- Dr. Jay Bolter

Hodges, Steven Scott The Digital Absurd

2010 | Advisor- Dr. Eugene Thacker

Project Director, Georgia Institute of Technology
Fernandez Vara, Clara The Tribulation of Adenture Games: Integrating Story into Simulation Through Performance

2009 | Advisor- Dr. Janet Murray

Zhu, Jichen Intentional Systems and the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Hermenuetic Network: Agency and Intentionality in Expressive Computational Systems

2009 | Advisor- Dr. Douglass Harrell

Assistant Professor, Drexel University
Samanci, Ozge Embodying Comics: Reinventing Comics and Animation for a Digital Performance

2009 | Advisor- Dr. Ali Mazalek

Assistant Professor, Northwestern University
Lee, Hyun Jean The Screen as Boundary Object in the Realm of Imagination

2009 | Advisor- Dr. Ali Mazalek

Associate Professor, Yonsei University