Brian Magerko’s interview on WXIA and upcoming TEDx talk

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Dr. Brian Magerko was interviewed by Cara Kneer on Atlanta Tech Edge about tech related jobs and whether to influence kids to pursue a career in technology. Magerko emphasizes the difference between pushing kids to learn tech skills and exposing them to these skills. They also discuss the importance of accessibility to resources for kids from underrepresented race and gender groups.

Watch the full interview here.


“Cool Stuff! Music-Based Software” is Magerko’s follow-up interview with Kneer about EarSketch, which he explains is a “free-to-use online environment” that “engage[s] kids in learning how to program by doing computational music remixing”. He shows off the program and walks through how to use it.

Learn about and play with EarSketch here.

Magerko is speaking at TEDx Peachtree this Friday Nov. 13 at Georgia Tech’s Ferst Center, and his lab’s TuneTable project will be featured at the showcase.