Course List for Spring 2020

If you are in need of permits for project studio courses, they are issued by sending an e-mail request to the teaching faculty member with cc’d that includes your major (e.g. DM or HCI), track (e.g., MC-HCI-LMC), and GTID number. Once the faculty member has given their approval, a permit will be issued and you will receive an e-mail from the registration system indicating that a permit has been issued and you will then need to register for the course through Oscar.


CourseFacultyMajor RestrictionPermit RequiredPrevious syllabusFaculty emailDescription
LMC 6213: Educational Applications of New MediaNitsche, M.NoNoneLMC 6213michael.nitsche@gatech.eduEducational Applications of New Media
LMC 6313: Principles of Interaction DesignMurray, J.DM; HCI-DM OnlyNoneLMC 6313jmurray@gatech.eduPrinciples of Interaction Design
LMC 6314: Design of Networked MediaBrock, A.NoNoneLMC 6314andre.brock@lmc.gatech.eduDesign of Networked Media
LMC 6317: Interactive FictionWilson, J.NoNoneLMC 6317joycelyn.wilson@lmc.gatech.eduInteractive Fiction
LMC 6320: Globalization and New MediaLe Dantec, C.NoNoneLMC 6320ledantec@gatech.eduGlobalization and New Media
LMC 6340: Mixed Reality Experience DesignBolter, J.DM OnlyNon-DM MajorsLMC 6340jay.bolter@lmc.gatech.eduMixed Reality Experience Design
LMC 6367: Literary & Cultural TheoryLeland, B.GMC OnlyNone LMC 6367blake.leland@lmc.gatech.eduLiterary & Cultural Theory
LMC 6368: Global CinemaWang, Q.GMC OnlyNone LMC Global Cinema
LMC 6650: Project StudioDiSalvo, C.NoEveryone LMC Project Studio
LMC 6650: Project StudioZinman, G.NoEveryone LMC Project Studio
LMC 6650: Project StudioMurray, J.NoEveryone LMC Project Studio
LMC 6749: Feminist Theory and STSDean-Ruzicka, R.NoNone LMC Feminist Theory and STS
LMC 8001: Digital Media StudiesParvin (JafariNaimi), N.DM OnlyNone LMC Digital Media Studies
LMC 8803: Special TopicsZeagler, C.HCI OnlyNone LMC Special Topics
LMC 8803: Special Topics - Afrofuturism and the AnthropoceneMorris, S.NoNone LMC Special Topics
LMC 8823: Special Topics in Game DesignBogost, I.NoNone LMC Special Topics in Game Design