GVU Research Showcase and Viewpoints AI featured on 11Alive News

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Demo Day TuneTableThe labs in the Digital Media program and the GVU Center welcomed visitors on Wednesday to give everyone a chance to see what they’ve been developing. The GVU Research Showcase featured the most recent work out of the labs in the Tech Square Research Building. Visitors got to test everything and explore new ideas that these projects engage. The event was also a great opportunity for students to get feedback on projects from people in the city of Atlanta. It was an afternoon of curiosity and good conversations.

Jeremy Campbell from 11Alive news covered the event for the Atlanta Tech segment, featuring ADAM Lab‘s Viewpoints AI installation. VAI is a movement – based, improvisational, human – computer, performance art piece. Drawing some inspiration from “Back to the Future Day,” Campbell and news anchors considered what the future of technology might hold. They looked to student research as an indicator of the future, and the coverage emphasized the ubiquitous nature of computing. Charles Isbell from the School of Interactive Computing and the news anchors all described the potential of technology to bring people together and play a connective role in culture.

Watch the video here.