Where are you from?
Lansing, Michigan

Where do you live now?
San Francisco, California

What have you been doing since you graduated?

I’ve worked at Electronic Arts since I graduated in various data analytic and research roles.

What is your current job? In 2 or 3 sentences, can you explain what your position is and what some of your responsibilities are?
Senior Data Visualization Scientist – I work as a consultant to other groups within EA on projects related to data visualization, data governance and analytic tool development. I also own our main player-focused portfolio metrics for EA and produce company wide metrics for our executive staff and board of directors.

Can you tell us about a recent project you’ve worked on that you were really excited about?
The Player Network project is an ongoing initiative at EA where I am helping define and study our players from a network analytics perspective. I handle the main investigations into collecting and vetting data, along with laying out the methodology we use to analyze player relationships and behaviors.

How do you think the program helped prepare you for your life after Georgia Tech?
The Digital Media PhD program allowed me to pursue my passion of combining user research and data visualization. The time I spent in the program allowed me to hone my skills in those areas and made me highly capable of jumping into analytic roles at EA. The diversity of students and the material we covered in the program has helped me creatively think about my projects in ways that I feel I would not have been able to if I had finished my academic studies with just an undergrad degree in computer science.