Where are you from?
I am from Republic of Korea.

Where do you live now?
I am currently living in Seoul, Korea.

What have you been doing since you graduated?
After graduated, I have taught and conducted research at Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea.
As an artist, I have also created artwork. I had two solo exhibition after graduation.

What is your current job? In 2 or 3 sentences, can you explain what your position is and what some of your responsibilities are?
I am an associate professor at the Graduate School of Communication and Arts, at Yonsei University.
Particularly I am working with students in Media Art major, teaching them media art and related areas, and advising them for their academic thesis. I am also a director of Play Makers Lab. Our research interests mostly focus on contemporary and media art practice and theory, and multidisciplinary research across media technology, art and design.

Can you tell us about a recent project you’ve worked on that you were really excited about?
Recently I have written a research paper about a blurred but strained relation in between contemporary art and media art. I argued that in social media era, the audience have been changed to act and respond actively to the contemporary artwork, and therefore sharing the meaning of artworks has been altered and expanded.

Also as a Fulbright scholar, last academic year, I worked with prof. Steven L. Tanimoto and prof. Katie Davis at University of Washington. I conducted a research project which is about integrating a multimedia perspective into children’s coding education.

How do you think the program helped prepare you for your life after Georgia Tech?
Digital Media program in Georgia Tech tremendously helped me shape my identity as a scholar and artist. Through this program, I could explore widely diverse media theories and practices from traditional to digital, and also had a chance to be truly involved in the interdisciplinary research between science, technology, liberal art, and arts. The nourishment that I earned through the program still supports me and help me explore further, and I really appreciate that I could have such a precious chance.