Where are you from?

New Orleans, Louisiana

What is your educational and/or professional background?

BS in Entrepreneurship, University of Arizona

President, Gene Kansas | Commercial Real Estate

Creator & Host, Sidewalk Radio

What activities are you involved with on campus?

Drinking coffee

Describe your interests in the digital media field.

My interest lies at the intersection of art, education, media and real estate as communicated through storytelling for the purposes of place making and community building.

What has been your favorite project you’ve worked on so far? Why?

I really loved creating “Flocker”, a proposed social network and field tool for the birding community for a class called “Discovery and Invention”. Most enjoyable, it gives a community of nature observers a place to call home while simultaneously creating awareness about a worthwhile pursuit in the name of education and adventure. That, and because it was fun.

Why did you choose Digital Media at Georgia Tech?

Because it provides the epistemological and practical promise of digital technology within parameters of the Humanities. How cool is that?!

What are your ambitions after finishing the Digital Media program?

To teach. To learn. To strengthen connections that create value that motivate people that make place all through storytelling and as accentuated by digital method.

Why would you recommend the Digital Media program to others?

I would not necessarily recommend Digital Media to all. However, if you are engaged in creative process, have a yearning for informing through practice, and enjoy the camaraderie of rigor, then you will more than likely like this program very much.