Where are you from?

Marietta, Georgia

What is your educational and/or professional background?

Fine Art, professional background- Interpretive Design

What activities are you involved with on campus?

Other than all my standard responsibilities such as going to classes and labs, I have thoroughly enjoyed going to all the free seminars and lectures around campus. its been a great way to learn more about the research going on here at Tech.

Describe your interests in the digital media field.

I’m interested in interaction design and interactive storytelling/narrative. I like the idea of being able to educate people through creative uses of digital media.

What has been your favorite project you’ve worked on so far? Why?

My GRA project interests me immensely. It involves taking esoteric information and making it accessible to a wide audience through creative uses of digital media. I love that.

Why did you choose Digital Media at Georgia Tech?

A lot of reasons. Its one of the best schools around for learning design and technology in this way. It’s also affordable and close to home for me. I didn’t even apply anywhere else. I knew this is where I wanted to be.

What are your ambitions after finishing the Digital Media program?

After graduating I hope to go into the workforce as a designer. I’m not sure what specifically, but I plan to be well armed for any task in the interactive design world.

Why would you recommend the Digital Media program to others?

I would recommend Digital Media to others because the program inspires genuine creativity. This program isn’t necessarily a means to an end, but a catalyst for some amazing possibilities for professions that are just now emerging.