Where are you from?

Born in Savannah, Georgia, lived in Atlanta for Undergrad degree, lived in Eugene, Oregon for a while.

What is your educational and/or professional background?

Education – B.S. Mechanical Engineering from Tech, went to Georgia Southern for a semester for M.S. in Applied Engineering with a specialization in robotics. Y’all know what I’m at Tech for.

Professional – Various internships and coops with architecture/engineering firms (ranged from downtown renovations to porous plastic medical devices). Also been a Temp worker, delivery biker, and dispatcher.

What activities are you involved with on campus?

91.1 WREK – Relapsed Host for Scifi Lab Specialty Show;
Science Fiction Laboratory – Ex-Executive Producer, relapsed host;
DramaTech – Properties Designer and Engineer, some Sound Engineering; Kappa Sigma – Undergraduate Fraternity, I linger around and help the undergrads with school work and help design mechanisms for parties and fraternity use.

Describe your interests in the digital media field.

Biggest interest is in narrative creations and how narrative across mediums. Specifically are there a set of rules or guidelines that can be establish when trying to keep the same narrative across mediums.

What has been your favorite project you’ve worked on so far? Why?

Although I’m fresh in the program I like the earsketch project for LMC 6310. Having gone through an engineering undergrad I see everything as a puzzle, and having to figure out the complex nature of the program I wanted to create was like cracking a really hard puzzle.

Why did you choose Digital Media at Georgia Tech?

I consider Atlanta my home, and Tech holds a special place to me. When I was considering what to do during a lengthy unemployment I decided to try Tech and follow a dream I had during my undergrad that got pushed to the side.

What are your ambitions after finishing the Digital Media program?

Currently, I’m thinking about either continuing on to the Ph. D. program in DM. If that doesn’t work out I would love to work in a small production house for a studio; writing, making props, designing programs and generally being a person with a hand in everything, but not on them.

Why would you recommend the Digital Media program to others?

I would definitely recommend the program to those interested. The classes are interesting, the professors insightful, and the other students are very fun to be around.