Title: The Interactive Book: A Guide to the Interactive Revolution

Author: Celia Pearce

Publication Date: August 1, 1997

Publisher: Macmillan

The Interactive Book succeeds in creating a non-linear interactive experience within the confines of a linear format. The 110+ segments of the book that explore the axioms and core issues of what it means to be interactive are cross-referenced to one another. This enables the reader to experience the book not cover-to-cover, but in a direction that most provokes them.The design/project manager/reader-at-large will learn to understand and implement the basic concepts and psychology behind interactivity as it becomes a predominant issue with the technological evolution that is now an inherent part of society and everyday routine.

-Theories of interactivity discussed from a non-technical, human perspective for all media types

– Written by a proven visionary who shares hard-to-find experience in this discipline

– Interactivity is explored with a focus on sociological, cultural, psychological, and cognitive implications