Computational remixing of hip hop (i.e. using code to control loops and beats to compose music) can be used as a tool for the cultural engagement in computing of underrepresented populations. EarSketch is a digital audio workstation environment, with an accompanying curriculum, that will allow high school and summer workshop students to create their own computational remixes through learning computing principles. It can also be used as a tool within introductory college-level computer science courses.

By developing and extending a new API for Reaper’s scripting language (ReaScript, based on Python), students have direct access to essentially all of the audio software’s functionality. The Reaper interface provides industry-standard tools, training students to use professional grade digital audio workstation software. A social networking site for EarSketch projects will provide a venue for students to share their projects, get inspired, and remix students’ submissions into their own songs.

Potential strengths of computational remixing:

Generative composition from external datasets, such as census information, images, and text
Automating tasks like audio effects and envelope manipulation
Easily Create “mash-up” music from samples controlled by generated beats

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