Now in its second year, the Different Games Conference, a symposium on on diversity and inclusiveness in games, is being co-operatively planned by members of the EGG in tandem with students and faculty at NYU Polytech in Brooklyn, NY.
Presenting original games, scholarly research and hands-on game design workshops, Different Games is a unique interdisciplinary space for radical discussions of representation in games and the relationship of the medium to designer and player identity. Founded in the fall of 2012 and coinciding with increased media coverage and critical activism regarding diversity in games, last years highly successful event featured more than 30 diverse speakers and 25 original games throughout its two day, multi-track program. Attracting nearly 200 attendees and coverage by Kotaku, Gamasutra and others as well as more than 2,400 views of its archived livestream since. With the support of Digital Media students and faculty, the second iteration of Different Games (slated for April of 2014) will offer an expanded three day program while continuing to facilitate an ongoing dialogue between artistic, academic and commercial practice on the state of inclusivity, diversity and representation in games and gaming culture.