Cycle Atlanta is a smart phone app that cyclists can use to contribute to bicycle infrastructure development in Atlanta. Cyclists record their routes in real-time, and also have the ability to report problems along their route (e.g. potholes, obstructed bike lanes, etc.) That data is then used by transportation planners with the City of Atlanta to improve bike facilities and networks, such as bike lanes, pavement markings, etc.

The app is a collaboration between Georgia Tech and the City of Atlanta. Cyclist data will not only aid in transportation development, but contribute to the city in other ways. Data made available through the app can be used to encourage people to live healthier lifestyles: cyclists will be able to track metrics such as average speed, calories burned, etc. The available data will also be a great way to share common routes within the city. This can help less experienced cyclists, who may be less confident on unfamiliar (and car-heavy) city streets.

By sharing data, we hope to connect citizens not only to each other, but also to the city itself. Developing bike infrastructure has immediate practical benefits (such as alleviating traffic), but can also create shared routes to cultural, economic, and recreational centers in the city. Enhancing cyclist mobility can help foster a mode shift from cars to bicycles– especially for shorter, in-town trips– and encourage community building, shared spaces, and public engagement. For more information and links to the app, please visit the Cycle Atlanta website.