ROSS stands for Responsive Objects, Surfaces and Spaces. The ROSS API is a way for applications to run across a variety of platforms and devices: tabletop computers, touch-screen mobile devices, reponsive walls and interactive 3-D spaces. The ROSS API allows applications to: exchange information about devices they are running on and receive real-time input data from other ROSS-enabled devices. In a ROSS world: your mobile phone can be used as a controller to play “Risk” on your tabletop computer, or your living room can send your mobile phone a notification if there was a fire or break-in. You will stop thinking about operating systems and platforms.

Ali Mazalek
Paul O’Neill

Project Website

A Framework Interweaving Tangible Objects, Surfaces and Spaces

A Nested API Structure to Simplify Cross-Device Communication

Creativity in Software Development in an Academic Research Lab

Tangible Toolkits: Integrating Application Development across Diverse Multi-User and Tangible Interaction Platforms