Tangible Anchoring explores potential practices for news reporting and analysis afforded by the convergence of tabletop computing, mobile user-generated content, the Web, and broadcast media channels. We are exploring how these technologies could be used to increase the sense of participation in the viewer’s experience of current events through co-discovery with newscasters of how opinions differ and real-time contributions to the on-air debate. Our current implementation, built on the KinoPuzzle story engine, features multiple viewpoints from reporters presented using a tangible tabletop broadcast anchordesk, assuming multiple camera angles, two or much anchors/discussants, multiple displays, and issues-based polling/reporting using mobile phones. Supported by Turner Broadcasting and Google.

Susan Robinson
John Chandler
Paul O’Neill
Basheer Tome
Jinhyun Kim
Aman Parnami
Ali Mazalek

Tangible Anchoring: Grasping News and Public Opinion