ADAM Lab to Demo at STEAM3 Conference

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Three groups from Brian Magerko’s ADAM Lab will participate in the STEAM3 Conference hosted by Georgia State University on Thursday, September 11th and Friday, September 12th. The STEAM3 Conference “present[s] a comprehensive look into the future of experiential learning.” The event “provides an interactive stage for the exploration and demonstration of the fast emerging approaches, formats, technologies and learning models that will redefine education over the next decade.” The projects that will be featured are: TuneTable, Viewpoints AI, and Drawing Apprentice.


TuneTable is a tabletop tangible programming application. The intention is to teach basic computer programming concepts to middle school-aged to high school-aged students (9-15 years old) using physical blocks to make music. Users compose short songs by building chains of blocks that represent code. A group of Digital Media students are working on this project: Marc Huet, Jessica Anderson, Travis Gasque, Anna Weisling, Donghai Liu, and postdoctoral fellow Anna Xambo.

Viewpoints AI is an interactive installation piece that allows a human interactor / performer to co-exist in the same 2D plane as an artificially intelligent (AI) computer-controlled performer. The human and AI performers can create a shared movement experience through improvised interactions. The AI performer is a visually striking, anthropomorphic elemental being, composed of motes of light – living, playful entities that seek to explore the confines of their world, alongside the human visitor to their two dimensional world.

Drawing Apprentice is an enactive AI drawing partner that explores how computers can co-create with humans in abstract art.contributions are improvisational and based on the input of the user. There is a reciprocal feedback loop between the user and the system. As a result, the user is influenced, and perhaps even inspired, by contributions made by the Drawing Apprentice.