Brown Bag Thursday with Dr. Alex Trouteaud

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On Thursday September 25 between 11:30 am and 1pm, the GVU Brown Bag seminar series hosts Dr. Alex Trouteaud. Dr. Trouteaud will be speaking in TSRB 132 on how technology is changing human trafficking online and offline in the U.S.

Alex is with the International Human Trafficking Institute (IHTI), a new student-focused initiative of the Center for Civil and Human Rights. The Center is an engaging cultural attraction that connects The American Civil Rights Movement to today’s Global Human Rights Movements, and the IHTI seeks to connect and galvanize student groups locally and globally in the fight against human trafficking.

Human trafficking is the illegal buying and selling human beings, primarily through commercial sexual exploitation and forced labor. At its core, human trafficking is economic activity subject to many of the same forces of change that affect legal industries–particularly technological innovation. In some instances technological innovation has caused human trafficking to diminish, and in other instances flourish. But unlike other industries such as media production and payment processing that are similarly undergoing rapid change due to technological innovation, the changes to human trafficking industries are measured in human lives saved and lost, making it both the greatest opportunity and tragedy of the Millenial generation.

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