Digital Media Launches YouTube Channel to Showcase Program Research


To celebrate the beginning of another year in Digital Media, the program has launched a YouTube channel to showcase the innovation and inspiration that filter through the halls of TSRB every day. The channel will feature videos about lab projects, student research, departmental news, and more. As the applications become available for Fall, our hope is that these videos will intrigue prospective students to choose Digital Media at Georgia Tech. If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about our program, visit Prospective Students tab for application requirements and deadlines.

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The Digital Media Graduate Program offers both a Master’s of Science and Ph.D in Digital Media. We bring in students from the myriad disciplines involved in digital media making—design, visual arts, craft, narrative, game design, physical construction, computing—and teach them how to make with meaning.

We recognize that the advent of a new medium of human communication and representation is a significant event in human social and cultural history, and introduces the possibility of new genres of artistic expression, civic engagement, and human experience.e make and learn more about the world–and how we’ve influenced it–through the digital artifacts we design, build, and study.

The Digital media Graduate program focuses on making with meaning through the lenses of civic media and digital expression.

We explore how to empower communities, represent cultural viewpoints and experiences, and understand how digital media technologies fit into the fabric of culture and civic life. Current research includes smart cities, information visualization, digital activism, and more.

We design and develop new technological experiences for human expression, reflection, learning, and joy. Current research includes interactive narrative, augmented & virtual reality, digital craft, and more.