Discussion with Alumna: Andrea Benavides, Electronic Arts

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Digital Media Alumna Andrea Benavides spoke with students on Wednesday, September 16 about her experience working with Electronic Arts. Benavides is an Associate Producer in the OCCO, EA’s research and development studio and the development team for XG. She discussed the service, the goals driving development, and answered questions regarding the design, technology, and production of this new platform. She also talked about entering the gaming industry and what it’s like working at EA.

She currently works with internal and external teams to develop both the platform and its game content. Her projects range from older titles like Word Whomp and Monopoly, to Indie titles like World of Goo and Little Inferno, to new IP that’s developed specifically for the streaming service. She lives in San Francisco and enjoys container gardening, cooking, board games, walking about the city, documentaries, and music or comedy shows.