DM Alumni & Recruitment Talks: Annie Lausier and Will Hankinson

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2007 Digital Media Alumni, Annie Lausier and Will Hankinson, shared their professional experiences after Tech with students on Wednesday afternoon, September 17. The group met in the Experimental Game Lab, and Annie and Will explained their professional trajectories. They both shared useful lessons learned during their first few years in the industry.

Having transitioned from Yahoo! to a small startup at Clover, Annie helped students get an idea of both scales of work environments and shared some of her tips on how to get the most out of the graduate experience in the Digital Media program. Going through different types of transitions, from web development into the gaming industry and the transition of starting a family, Will reminded students about the importance of building for fun and being surrounded by smart people.

So far, the three Alumni Talks this semester have been both personally interesting and an inspiring survey of professional life after Tech. A round of applause for DM alumni! We appreciate their effort and interest in connecting with current students.