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Update 2/15/2013 – Paint Pulse won the Grand Prize in the Instructables Design Competition! For more information, visit this link.

Created as part of the Digital World and Image Group project studio and recently featured on the front page of Instructables, Paint Pulse is a project that seeks to build upon the water marbling crafts of Ebru and Suminagashi with digital behavioral additions. Students Colton Spross (MS), Andrew Quitmeyer (PhD), and Adam Rafinksi (MS) designed the project. As the video details, the project produced incredible results.

The art of Ebru and Suminagashi design intricate, flowing patterns of paint directly on the surface of water which are captured on the surface of paper. The goal of Paint Pulse was to add digital elements to the craft which would afford new means of expression without fundamentally altering the interaction, allowing for experts to retain their mastery while exploring new possibilities for the art.

The Instructables page details the students’ work, allowing others to learn from their experience. In addition to this project, another DWIG project called¬†Craft Cymatics was also featured on the front page of Instructacles earlier this semester. This project¬†combines performance and craft in a system that visualizes sound waves as sand on an oscillating plate.