Talks will be held in TSRB 118 Auditorium.

If we need to switch to a virtual meeting, they will be held on Teams. For virtual please accept the meeting invitation to access the meeting.

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Spring  2023


Date Speaker  Topic/Title Location

Jan. 23

Brian Magerko

Welcome & Publication strategies,  Link

TSRB 118 Auditorium

Jan. 30

Erin Truesdell

Designing Alternative Controllers for Collaborative Play

TSRB 118 Auditorium

Feb. 6

Claire Stricklin

Party Mascot: Experimental Prop Design for Streaming Actual Plays

TSRB 118 Auditorium

Feb. 13

Terra Gasque

Transgressive Narratives: Queering Interactive Digital Narratives

TSRB 118 Auditorium

Feb. 20

Pedro Silva

Beyond Mimetic Gestures: Navigating Parameterized Stories in VR


Feb. 27

Allie Teixeira Riggs & Rachel Donley Red [Redacted] Theatre: Teaching Queer History through Immersive Puzzle Interaction

TSRB 118 Auditorium

Mar. 6

Daniel Phelps Augmented Intermediate Layers: Subversively Advancing Augmented Reality in our Culture Without Wearables


Mar. 13

Brandy Pettijohn (TBD)


Mar. 27

Jihan Sherman

African American Craftswomen and Stories Crafted for Design

TSRB 118 Auditorium

Apr. 3

Michael Nitsche

VR Use for AMD Patients and Their Doctors

TSRB 118 Auditorium

Apr. 10

Takeria Blunt Designing ‘Futuring’ Learning Experiences with and for Black Women in Computing


Apr. 17

CHI practice talks