Talks will be held in TSRB 118 Auditorium.

If we need to switch to a virtual meeting, they will be held on Teams. For virtual please accept the meeting invitation to access the meeting.

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Spring  2024

Date Speaker  Topic/Title Location

Jan. 29

Brian Magerko AI and Consciousness

TSRB 118 Auditorium

Feb. 5

Watson Hartsoe

AI Box Experiment

TSRB 118 Auditorium

Feb. 12

Sosuke Ichihashi

New media (beyond visual media)

TSRB 118 Auditorium

Feb. 19

Heidi Biggs

Exploring Critical Approaches to Sustainable HCI and Design

TSRB 118 Auditorium

Feb. 26

Ge (Tiffany) Wang

Designing for Autonomy in Data-Driven AI Systems

TSRB 118 Auditorium

March. 11

Michael Nitsche

Can we 'do it just'

TSRB 118 Auditorium

March. 14

Christina Harrington Community Based Approached to Negotiating Impacts of Emerging Tech

CODA Room 114

March. 25

Ryan Scheiding Godzilla, Video Games, & Nuclear Representation

TSRB 118 Auditorium

April. 1 

Manoj Deshpande

AI with sensemaking

TSRB 118 Auditorium

April. 8 

Sara Milkes Espinosa

Online Marketspaces as Colonial Archives


April 15

Yanni Loukissas "Raw Data" is an Aesthetic Category

TSRB 118 Auditorium