GVU & Digital Media Research Showcase

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Yesterday, April 15, Digital Media students across a number of labs showed off their semester’s projects as part of the GVU Research Showcase. Tech Square Research Building was transformed into a show-and-tell fair featuring the most innovative work coming out of each lab.

The ADAM Lab featured installations and applications built on the EarSketch project. AJ Kolenc, Ashley Jennings, and Devin Wilson demonstrated their visualization component of EarSketch, while another group of MS students Marc Huet, Travis Gasque, and Jessica Anderson introduced a table-top installation with a tangible user interface. The room was energetic and full of music.


Around the corner, the Participatory Publics Lab featured students’ design work. Among the projects introduced were: a mobile app to facilitate mindfulness practice, a redesign of the career fair experience that uses a web application to optimize communication among students, planners, and company representatives, and a web plug-in that facilitates participation in activism.

The projects that were presented indicated that this semester has been busy and productive.