Ian Bogost’s new book to be published on Nov. 15

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How to Talk About Videogames is coming soon. Here’s a bit of insight straight from Bogost’s website:

“Videogames! Aren’t they the medium of the twenty-first century? The new cinema? The apotheosis of art and entertainment, the realization of Wagnerian Gesamtkunstwerk? The final victory of interaction over passivity? No, probably not. Games are part art and part appliance, part tableau and part toaster. In How to Talk about Videogames, leading critic Ian Bogost explores this paradox more thoroughly than any other author to date.”

“This is Ian Bogost at his best. Keen intelligence, acid wit, and a restless desire to look beyond the surface and tease out games’ less obvious, more important meanings.”
—Frank Lantz, director, NYU Game Center

Read all about it here, or go straight to pre-ordering a copy.