Michael Nitsche Invited to Edit Special Issue of Digital Creativity

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Michael Nitsche, Director of Graduate Studies, was invited to be the guest editor for the special issue of Digital Creativity dedicated to performance art and digital media.

Nitsche is on the Editorial Board of Digital Creativity and suggested that this special issue should be published.

“As I have been working with Performance Studies methods in my courses for the past years, it seemed like a natural fit,” Nitsche explains.

In his introduction to the issue, Nitsche writes: “Interaction depends on some form of activity and it is important to realise that the procedural power is not limited to the computational side in this activity. It is shared between human and bit machine. That is why interactive text has been described as the result of the continuous operation of a ‘textual machine’ which depends on the engagement of both (Aarseth 1997). We can look at the pre-conditions for these processes– the design for a digital piece or its interface; we can look at the effects– the emergence of social networks and digital products; but at the heart of the matter remains the activity itself.”

“I see contributing work outside of our own academic community of the Digital Media program as one of the ways we build our combination of a dual exploration of humanities and technological issues,” Nitsche says. “Digital Performance is one of those overlapping fields and needs a lot more work.”

This special issue of Digital Creativity is available online here.