MS Students compete at the ACM UIST Student Innovation Contest in Hawaii

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This week, Chong Guo (DM) and teammate Yuan Gao (HCI), are in Honolulu competing in the UIST student competition, which focuses this year on household interfaces. Two more teams from Georgia Tech’s HCI program are also competing at the symposium. The contest aims “to innovate new interactions on state-of-the-art hardware.” We wish all three teams the best of luck!

Check out Guo and Gao’s project description:

Project: MusePillow

We propose MusePillow, an intimate, soft and expandable interface for music spa. No matter whether you’re getting to sleep, just having a rest, or even faced with insomnia, MusePillow can help with its stereo effect. MusePillow also lightens the pain of feeling your smartphone in the dark. With two touch-pads, a zipper and gyroscope, MusePillow interacts with the user naturally through tap, hold, shake, slide and so on. We also expect to demo how to connect MusePillow with other household devices such as lights and fans.