PhD Student Nettrice Gaskins Featured in Invisible Universe Documentary

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PhD student Nettrice Gaskins is featured in the upcoming film Invisible Universe: A History of Blackness in Speculative Fiction, a documentary by M. Asli Dukan. This documentary focuses on┬áBlack Speculative Fiction (fantasy, horror, science fiction) and afrofuturism. Black sci-fi has been a way for Black creators to visualize the Black past, future, and present, all in the face of a dominant culture. For over 150 years, Black creators have recognized this “invisibleness” and have written, produced, directed, drawn a universe of their own– an invisible universe.

For the past ten years, producer/director M. Asli Dukan has been producing this original and groundbreaking, independent documentary project. Gaskins was interviewed as part of this documentary and talked about IBM, Second Life, and Afrofuturism. An excerpt of this interview is below.

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