PhD Student Nettrice Gaskins Moderated Panel on Afrofuturism and “STEAM” Education

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Earlier this month, PhD Student Nettrice Gaskins was invited to moderate a panel called Enlightenment, Strange Mathematics, and Rhythmic Equations: Afrofuturism and STEAM Education. This panel was conceived in conjunction with exhibition The Shadows Took Shape. Also on the panel were feature artists Coco Fusco, Jacolby Satterwhite, and Saya Woolfalk, whose works are included in the two exhibitions currently on view at the Studio Museum, The Shadows Took Shape and Radical Presence: Black Performance in Contemporary Art.

This panel introduced the artists and and their works in relationship to STEAM education (science, technology, engineering, art, math). The discussion and supporting presentations will explore topics such as fractal geometry, quantum physics, and symmetry, and how artists are working with scientists and mathematicians to create tools that inform future projects.

Gaskins’¬†work investigates culturally situated arts-based learning and new media, their invention, and use in underrepresented, creative communities of practice. This includes the use of digital media tools and platforms, and existing cultural art forms.

For more information about this panel, please visit the Studio Museum website.