PhD Student Tom Jenkins presents work on making at TEI ’15

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Over the weekend, PhD Student Tom Jenkins presented a paper to Tangible and Embedded/Embodied Interaction conference called “Escaping the Sandbox: Making and its Future.” The paper considers how making, a term that has broadly been used to refer to various kinds of craft, handmade electronics, and other DIY practices seems play out as part of a rhetoric of participation in technological novelty instead of in producing “real” things. This paper was written in collaboration with Dr. Ian Bogost, and the research effort supporting it was provided by the Intel Science and Technology Center for Social Computing.

In addition, Jenkins participated in the Graduate Student Colloquium at TEI, presenting a paper “Designing the ‘things’ of the IoT.” This work examines the Internet of Things, and describes it as being comprised of design things, objects that embody messy, situated arguments around socio-technical issues, that might be used to find the limits of current practice within existing IoT rhetoric.