Welcome Dr. Bobby Schweizer

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After completing his Ph.D. in Digital Media this summer, Bobby Schweizer joins the School of Literature, Media, and Communication as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Digital Media. Dr. Schweizer completed both his M.S. and his Ph.D. here at Georgia Tech. He teaches undergraduate courses and is helping to figure out what happens next at the Experimental Game Lab.

Dr. Schweizer’s master’s work addresses questions of game spaces—particularly cities. He wrote his thesis on representations of New York City in games. His work with Dr. Ian Bogost on the “Newsgames” project led to his co-authorship of Newsgames: Journalism at Play in 2010. In his Ph.D. dissertation, he suggests that “in order to describe videogame cities, we need a framework that considers them as they relate not only to one another, but to other material and immaterial cities as well.”

While working toward his Ph.D., he ran the research group “Aperio: Games and Spaces,” which evolved into his next book project. This month, Meet Me at the Fair: A World’s Fair Reader was published by Carnegie Mellon University’s ETC Press.

Three cheers for Dr. Schweizer!