Wind Tunnel & “Radical Adventures in Future Farming”: Dr. Carl DiSalvo’s upcoming talks

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The upcoming exhibition “Field Test: Radical Adventures in Future Farming” asks “what, where and how we should grow in the coming years.” Artists and scientists will gather at Science Gallery in Dublin to share speculations and innovations in food production. Their aim is to provoke visitors to question and reimagine farming. The show considers “what crops [we should] be planting now for a very different future.” The focus of this event is a reminder of how quickly digital media are changing the world — and how all aspects have to change in order to meet future, unpredictable needs that we don’t even recognize yet. Bring your innovations to the table, please: “Visitors will taste and try on crops curated by artists and scientists, explore a digital farm that fits in their bedroom, and dream up the crops and farms of the future.”


I hope the tone of the event will fit the climate. Lasting from March 11th to June 5th, the exhibition’s duration will encompass the time of seasonal change from the hanging-on days of winter through the transformation into the fresh plant life of the spring. It sounds optimistic and refreshing. Associate Professor of Digital Media Carl DiSalvo will participate in this exhibition.

Dr. DiSalvo will also give a lecture on February 11th at Wind Tunnel Graduate Center for Critical Practice, which is an initiative of ArtCenter College of Design.